• Leclerc

Theophile Leclerc

In 1881, Théophile Leclerc, pharmacist, opened his dispensary in the prestigious center of Paris, near Place de la Madeleine. A lover of art and beauty, he indulges in the medieval basement of his dispensary in different alchemies and develops a rice powder of exceptional lightness and finesse.

This powder works wonders with the elegant Parisians of 1900 and the Belle Époque. They are widely praised for him.

Today, the T. LeClerc brand offers more than 30 shades of powders. Makeup professionals as well as actresses and top models have widely adopted this rice powder with perfect hold, extreme finesse and endowed with high mattifying power. His growing success took him across borders from Europe to Asia via America.


  • Moroccanoil


Following a hair disaster during a trip to Israel, Carmen Tal sees her hair saved by treatment with argan oil. Heart stroke! Back in Montreal, she and her husband created a line of products based on this ingredient with extraordinary virtues. Since 2008, the popularity of the products has been contagious. Hollywood stars are snapping up Moroccanoil treatments. The brand is cited in all fashion magazines. She has conquered TV shows, backstage, film shoots and major galas. Moroccanoil Treatment, the brand's flagship product, restores life and strength to the mane, such as its version for blond or fine hair in light oil.


  • St. Tropez

ST. Tropez

Their innovative perfume technology helps eliminate the tell-tale odor of tanning lotions and makes way for a suave fragrance that is both subtle and refreshing. Created by St-Tropez, the tanning experts we trust. So regardless of your skin type or color, it is easy to use and provides a gorgeous, most natural tan. However, to meet customer needs, St-Tropez offers two ranges of tanning products, either the regular tanning mist or the dark tanning mist.