• eyelash extensions


Over 25 years experience

Among our team of experts, you will find an eyelash extension stylist with more than 15 years of experience in the field. She will determine with you several important criteria in order to obtain the perfect look. Whether it is the texture of the eyelash, the color, the curvature, the length, the thickness and the type of pose, our stylist is one of the most experienced in Quebec.

Half Pose

Half-pose - 150 $

For a completely natural look, the half application of eyelash extensions is the ideal choice for you. The service lasts 60 minutes.

Full Pose

Complete Installation - $ 250

For a full and dramatic look, applying full eyelash extensions is the best option for you. The service lasts 120 minutes.

Eyelash Filling

Eyelash Filler - $ 85

To maintain and maintain your eyelash extensions application, opt for a filling every 3 weeks to benefit from the eyelash filling price. The service lasts 60 minutes.