Studio Caroline Theoret is also a Private Professional Makeup School where you can learn and develop your artistic knowledge through our different sessions. We offer 3 course sessions, i.e. cosmetic makeup and the different techniques , fashion show, wedding & ethnicities  et airbrush makeup and sraytan tan. All of our sessions have 15 lessons and are offered as semi-private or private lessons, day, evening and weekend. For all the sessions you take, after passing the exam you will obtain a professional diploma. For those who wish to specialize in the field of eyebrows, we offer a session of eyebrow design. We also offer a session of Spraytan tan if you wish to acquire new knowledge in this field. In addition, for those who wish to improve their skills, we offer Master Class workshops to further your art and refine your makeup techniques. It is important to know that since the opening of Studio Caroline Theoret in 2008, the School division has trained more than 1000 students who have graduated and are now working in the beauty field. Other alumni have chosen to open their own makeup business and offer beauty services. The School division of Studio Caroline Theoret is recognized in Quebec and is seen as one of the best makeup schools. The proof, some former students are now very well known and deal with several celebrities in the artistic world.

How to choose your school?

• It is essential to choose a school with an experienced teacher who still works in the field, in order to train yourself for the current reality of a makeup artist.

• You must make sure, by reading the lesson plan, that it is indeed a course to become a makeup artist and not a beautician, since these are different jobs.

• It is to your advantage to enroll in a school where the groups are small in order to be well supervised by your teacher and to receive all the attention you need.

• It is important to check that the hours spent in class are 100% dedicated to your learning and not 50% to your learning and 50% to being the model of another student.

Caroline Theoret School

Why choose Caroline Theoret School?

• Your teacher, Caroline, has over 25 years in the field and 15 years as a teacher.

• One of the best courses to become a professional makeup artist.

• You bring your model to each class. This allows the class to be condensed into 3 to 4 hours in order to optimize your learning.

• The school offers you three sessions in order to really develop your artistic style and push your learning to the maximum.

• The opportunity to join Caroline's agency to work in the field at the end of your studies.

Course Description

Come and train as a professional makeup artist!

Your teacher

Your teacher

Founder / Mentor Makeup Artist / Eyebrow Designer / Tanning Expert / Teacher 

Passionate about art and make-up since childhood, Caroline Theoret learned her trade from various make-up artists renowned in the industry. She obtained her first position as a provincial makeup artist with Estée Lauder, where she worked with experienced artists from New York and Milan. This first post was a real preparation for the future of his career. She continued her ascent with Maison Chanel where she was offered the position of Head Makeup Artist and Trainer for Canada. The eight years spent with the Chanel team have allowed her to
participate, as a professional makeup artist, in a multitude of major events such as the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) as well as the Cannes Film Festival.

With the years and the numerous training courses followed, she refined her art and
develops the desire to create his own business in order to offer personalized services to brides and students. It was in 2008 that Caroline opened her studio and her makeup school. Studio Caroline Theoret is quickly becoming the beauty benchmark in Montreal. She leads a team of 30 freelance makeup artists, hairdressers and beauty experts and oversees the management of events. Caroline has over 25 years of experience as a professional makeup artist and 15 years as a teacher. She takes the happiness and satisfaction of her clients, students and her team to heart and strives to offer unparalleled service at all times.

Biography of Romain Le Moëllic


Stylist Hairdresser / Teacher

Fascinated by art and hairdressing since childhood, Romain Le Moëllic enrolled in a hairdressing school in Brittany.After completing the professional hairdressing program lasting 4 years, he was recruited by a artist in Paris where he will have the chance to work on television sets and to style several celebrities. He devotes all his time and energy to it for a period of 5 years, in order to build his experience as a professional hairdresser. Having acquired several years of experience in the field, he was also approached by a large renowned hairdressing salon where he obtained the position of hairdresser and manager. After several years of work and an exciting life in Paris, Romain decides to move on and experience a new adventure abroad and settles in Montreal. Upon his arrival in Montreal, he was coveted by several big names in the fashion industry and began his first contract for the Fashion & Design Festival. His talent is admired by many and he does not go unnoticed in the eyes of the greats in the field. The 1 years spent at the Fashion & Design Festival allowed him to make several important encounters and open new doors in the artistic world. Today Romain has his own private clientele and mainly takes care of styling Quebec celebrities, such as Mitsou, Mélissa Désormeaux Poulin and Marilou Wolfe for photoshoots and shoots. He also takes care of the hair of several influencers, such as Chloé Dumont and Marina Bastarache. Romain has 5 years of experience as a hairdresser and 20 years of experience as a teacher. For 5 years, he has also worked in collaboration with the Studio / School Caroline Theoret where he is in great demand with future brides and students.