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The course in eyebrow design aims to perfect the makeup artist or an aesthetic professional who wishes to polish her technique. You will learn that the job of an eyebrow designer is to analyze and take the measurements of the face, correcting and leveling the eyebrows as needed, trimming, drawing and sculpting the shape that best lends itself to the morphology of the face. . This course is given by Caroline Theoret. You have the option of taking private lessons with your teacher for the sum of $ 1025 plus tax. This option is advantageous for students with an atypical schedule, a desire to do several lessons per week or even in order to benefit from 100% teacher supervision. Alternatively, you can also take the course in a small group of 4 at a cost of $ 875 plus tax.

Course Description


Lesson Plan

# 1. Presentation of the work accessories of the eyebrow designer.

# 2. Study of the morphology of the face and eyebrows. Demonstration of an eyebrow design. Theory and practise. Study of the different stages of an eyebrow design; eye analysis, eyebrow hair growth direction analysis, cut analysis, proper shape analysis and execution of eyebrow design. Theory and practise.

# 3. Perform the different stages of an eyebrow design on a model who has never had her eyebrows sculpted. Theory and practise.

# 4. Perform the different stages of an eyebrow design on a model with little or very few eyebrows. Theory and practise.

# 5. Hands-on eyebrow design review to see if you have all the necessary knowledge to offer the eyebrow design service. A diploma will be issued upon successful completion of the exam.