Session 1: Introduction to the world of hairdressing

This first session consists of an introduction to basic techniques for an overview of the hairdressing world. This first exploration of the world of hairdressers was designed for a hairstylist who wants to practice photoshoots and shoots. This session is also very popular with professional make-up artists who wish to learn the world of hairdressing, in order to be multifunctional and obtain more employment contracts. This course is given by Romain Le Moëllic. You have the option of taking the course privately with your teacher for the sum of $ 3075 plus tax. This option is advantageous for students with an atypical schedule, a desire to do several lessons per week or in order to benefit from 100% teacher supervision. Alternatively, you can also take the course in a small group of 4 at a cost of $ 2625 plus tax. In addition, for this session, it will be mandatory to obtain the material previously explained by your trainer during the first session. Models or fads must be found for the proper functioning of each of the vocational training courses. 

Private session: $ 3075 + tax

In Group: $ 2625 + tax (4 People Max.)


Lesson Plan

# 1. Discoveries, explanations and analyzes of the different tools, hair products and hair textures

# 2. Round brush smoothing technique

# 3. Styling technique

# 4. Loops, waves and beach waves technique. Use of flat iron and different curling irons

# 5. Technique to achieve a vintage hairstyle

# 6. Creating braids, twists, twists and ponytails

# 7. Half-up hairstyle creation for graduations and weddings

# 8. Low bun hairstyle creation for weddings 

# 9. High hairstyle creation for weddings 

# 10. Creation of "express" hairstyle for a quick and easy change of look on photoshoots and shoots

# 11. Styling session of your choice 

# 12. Braided hairstyles session of your choice 

# 13. High hairstyle sessions of your choice 

# 14. Men's hairstyle and review of different types of hairstyles in preparation for the practical exam

# 15. Practical exam of the 1st session which will allow you to check your knowledge, with the aim of integrating the job market