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Over 25 years experience

Add to your wedding makeup a high hairstyle, a half high hairstyle or an elegant styling by benefiting from the services of our stylists hairstylists who have been recruited from among the cream of hairstylists specialized in wedding and editorial in Quebec and Ontario.


To refresh your wedding hairstyle in the morning or to change your hairstyle for an evening look, it is essential to add a hairstyle touch-up service in order to keep the hair impeccable as long as possible throughout the day. We strongly suggest opting for a touch-up service in hot seasons.

retouching service

1 Hour - $ 180

To refresh your hairstyle after the ceremony, before the photos or before your cocktail. The alteration service lasts a maximum of one hour. $ 180 Hair Styling Retouch

Half day - $ 380

For a person who wants to ensure the perfection of his hairstyle at the different emotional stages of the day or a person with sweats in the scalp, the hairdresser will follow you for a maximum of 4 hours in the course of your day in order to to touch up your hairstyle regularly. The touch-up service will begin when all of the clients' hairstyles are finished. 

Full day - $ 680

For a person wishing to pay for a service worthy of the celebrities, the hairdresser will follow you for a maximum of 8 hours through the course of your day so that you are impeccable from morning to night. The touch-up service will begin when all of the clients' hairstyles are finished. $ 680

Studio service

Studio service

Cut $ 60 - $ 100

Following the analysis of your morphology, the cut will be made according to criteria that will take into account your tastes, the texture of your hair and your lifestyle.

Coloring $ 65 - $ 100

Coloring will enhance your complexion. A thorough analysis of your hair will be performed in order to obtain sublime and shiny results while maintaining the quality of your hair.

Highlights / Ombré / Balayage $ 100 - $ 180

These techniques will highlight your hair by adding an effect of shadows and lights to obtain a unique and personalized result. We use an avant-garde method of positioning the wicks in order to create an effect of light and depth adapted to your morphology.