Over 25 years of experience

The only one of its kind in Quebec, the work of an eyebrow designer such as Caroline Théorêt is to analyze and take facial measurements, correct eyebrows if necessary and trim, trim, draw and sculpt the shape of the eyebrow. which lends itself best to the morphology of your face. This is why customers from across Quebec travel to get the perfect brow at our brow bar.

Eyebrow design - $ 50

For an eyebrow that has never been sculpted or that needs to be corrected, opt for the eyebrow design. The service lasts 45 minutes including a makeup touch-up.

Eyebrow cleansing - $ 25

For an already sculpted or well-groomed eyebrow, opt for eyebrow cleansing to refresh your line. The service lasts 30 minutes.

Microblading eyebrows - $ 599

Themicroblading, also called dermopigmentation, is a semi-permanent makeup that allows the reconstruction of aeyebrowdepending on the morphology of the face and skin. It is an advanced skin pigmentation technique that allows pigments to be implanted in the skin in order to give a hair-by-hair effect. The first appointment with the microblading expert has a duration of approximately 2 hours where she will take the time to chat with the client in order to know her needs and tastes in terms of eyebrows. The expert will also have to take certain facial measurements and create the pattern of your new eyebrows before starting her work as an artist. After 4 to 6 weeks of skin healing, we suggest that clients return to a second appointment with the microblading expert, in order to do an eyebrow touch-up. During healing, it regularly happens that in certain places on the eyebrows, the skin is rejected with the color pigment. It is for this reason that we propose to make a touch-up of your eyebrows which has a duration of about 1 hour.